Sunday, October 2, 2022

Words of sacrifice, words of love...

Respect Life Sunday
Initiated 1972
Observed on 1st Sunday in October

 “In the Eucharist
we see the meaning of love
and receive the power to live it.
The very same words, furthermore, that the Lord
uses to teach us the meaning of love are also used
by those who promote abortion: ‘This is my body.’
These four little words are spoken
from opposite ends of the universe,
with totally opposite results.
Christ gives His body away so others might live;
abortion supporters cling to their own bodies 
so others might die.

Christ says ‘This is My Body given up for you;
This is My Blood shed for you.’
These are the words of sacrifice; 
these are the words of love.”
Alfonso Cardinal Lopez-Trujillo
President, Pontifical Council for the Family

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