Saturday, December 10, 2022

Everything is grace...

 "Everything is grace,
everything is the direct effect 
of our Father's love...
Everything is a grace because 
everything is God's gift." - St Therese of Lisieux

From the bottom of my heart 
frequent confession 
and Communion
but both othese sacraments 
should be received with 
the proper dispositions
so that progress in virtue
can be made each time."
St Juan Bosco

“St. Augustine says, that to prevent the sheep 
from seeking assistance by her cries, 
the wolf seizes her by the neckand thus 
securely carries her away and devours her. 
The Devil acts in a similar manner 
with the sheep of Jesus Christ.  
After having induced them to yield to sin, 
he seizes them by the throat, 
that they may not confess their guilt;
and thus he securely brings them to Hell." 
 St Alphonsus Ligouri

Prepare for a time of Confession now -
before Gaudete Sunday -
that you may truly REJOICE!

 The soul that is in bondage to the flesh is incapable 
of conceiving things divine, and hence the surest way 
to enlighten the mind is to purify the heart." -
Abbe Fouard

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"After confession a crown is given to penitents."
St John Chrysostom

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