Thursday, December 22, 2022

He both leads us and journeys towards us...

  Veni, Veni Emmanuel!
"He it is Who though as yet hidden 
is nevertheless leading all... 
He it is Who is now leading the whole world and 
placing everybody in His own city. He it is Who is leading Joseph
 away from Nazareth. He it is Who is leading His own Mother 
over every step of that difficult and tiring journey, 
letting the joy in His own Heart overflow into hers; 
and He is my Leader too.  With such a General, 
nothing will be overlooked in my life; 
everything will be arranged in wisdom and love...
Oh! come, little Leader, come and redeem us."
Mother St. Paul (1861-1940)
Ortus Christi
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"The nine months draw to a close, and 
our Lord's last act is to journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  
It is toward us, as well as toward Bethlehem
that He is journeying. 
He is about to leave His home a second time for the love of us. 
As He had left His uncreated home 
in the Bosom of the Father, 
so is He now going to leave His created home 
that He may come to us and be still more ours.

He will show us in this last action that He is not obedient 
merely to His holy and chosen Mother, 
but that He has come to be the servant 
of our commands and to wait upon our forwardness..."
Fr. Frederick W. Faber

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From Mary's sweet silence
Come, Word mutely spoken!

Pledge of our real life,
Come, Bread yet unbroken!

Seed of the Golden Wheat,
In us be sown.

Fullness of true Light,
Through us be known.

Secret held tenderly,
Guarded with Love,

Cradled in purity,
Child of the Dove,


Sr M Charlita, I.H.M
 Veni, Veni Emmanuel!

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