Wednesday, March 6, 2024

A kind of 'antidote'...

"The Eucharist is like a beating heart giving life
to the mystical Body of the Church ... Without the
Eucharist the Church would simply cease to exist. ...

The Holy Spiritwhich transforms the bread and wine
into the Body and Blood of Christalso transforms
those who receive it with faith into limbs of Christ's Body,
thus the Church truly is a Sacrament of men's unity,
with God and with one another. 

In an increasingly individualistic culture 
such as that in which we live in western societies and 
which is tending to spread throughout the world,
the Eucharist constitutes a kind of 'antidote',
working on the hearts and minds of believers and
continually infusing them with the logic of communion,
service and sharing the logic of the Gospel."
Pope Benedict XVI
26 June 2011, Angelus

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