Sunday, March 31, 2024

Death, where is thy sting! - He is Risen! ...

 "This is the night of which it is written: 
The night shall be as bright as day, dazzling is the night for me,
and full of gladness. The sanctifying power of this night 
dispels all wickedness, washes faults away, 
restores innocence to the fallen,
and joy to the mourners,drives out hatred, 
fosters concord, and brings down the mighty."  
From Exultet, intoned during Easter Vigil 

"Poor death, where is your sting?
Poor hell, where is your triumph?
Christ steps out of the tomb and you are
reduced to nothing!

Christ rises and the angels are wild with delight.
Christ rises and life is set free.
Christ rises and graves are emptied of dead.

Oh yes, for He broke from the tomb 
like a flower, a beautiful fruit: 
the first fruit of those already gone.
All glory be His, all success and power . . .
forever and ever."- St John Chrysostom
Excerpt from Easter homily - 387 AD

Painting above: Pietro Novelli, The Resurrection of Christ


From Easter 2024 homily of Pope Francis: 
"The Man of Sorrows is no longer in prison:  he has opened
a breach in the wall; he is hastening to meet you. 
In the darkness, let an unexpected shout of joy resound:
He is alive; he is risen!  And you, my brothers and sisters, 
small and great ... you who are weary of life, who feel 
unworthy to sing ... let a new flame be kindled in your heart,
let new vitality be heard in your voice. 
It is the Pasch of the Lord; it is the feast of the living."


Christ is risen to go before us:
our Brother
 to the Father,
our Priest 
to the Altar.
our Saviour to the world!

Christ is risen!
Christ is risen!
Christ is risen!

 Alleluia!     Alleluia!     Alleluia!

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
By His great mercy we have been born anew to 
a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ 
from the dead and to an inheritance which is . . . 
kept in Heaven for you. - 1 Pet 1:3

Divine Mercy Novena Day #3

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