Sunday, June 23, 2024

His dedicated emissaries...

"I propose to have no other purpose 
in all my activities, either interior or exterior, 
than the motive of Love alone...
St Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart

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"When devotion to the Sacred Heart
is recommended, what is being recommended to us
is the gift of our entire self to Jesus - soul and body, 
thoughts, feelings, words, actions, joys and sorrows.

Jesus came to light a fire on earth.
Fire purifies, gives light, communicates, unites.  
Such is the blaze of Divine Love devotion 
to the Sacred Heart enkindled in our hearts.

The Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
feeds the flame of our love for the Lord, burning from us 
the dross of self.   Thus afire we thirst for souls 
as He does, becoming His dedicated emissaries 
among the men and women of our day,
so many of whom neither know Him nor love Him."
Fr Richard Neilson

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