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Holy imprint...

    ...He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
 Hebrews 11:6b

Viaticum ~ Alexey Venetsianov (19c)

On her deathbed, St Juliana...

    "...begged that the Sacred Host might be laid upon her breast, in order that her heart might feel some refreshment from being near to Jesus; and  when the priest, in compliance with her request, spread the corporal (cloth) on her breast and laid Our Lord upon it, she exclaimed with the greatest delight:  'O my sweet Jesus!'

    As she drew her last breath, the Sacred Host disappeared, and as it was not to be found, the bystanders were sure that our Saviour, in the Blessed Sacrament, had united Himself to her heart, to strengthen her in her passage and accompany her to Heaven.
     After her death the form of the Host was found stamped upon her chest in the exact spot over her heart over which the Blessed Sacrament had been placed."

Excerpt from Fr Michael Muller, CSSR
The Blessed Eucharist, Our Greatest Treasure

St Juliana Falconieri
Florence, Italy ~ 1270-1341
Foundress - Sisters of the Third Order of Servites
Patron of Sufferers of chronic illness
Exemplary devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows 
and the Eucharist
"Handmaid of the Holy Eucharist"
Feast Day (traditional) - June 19
  "Juliana grew up more like an angel 
than a human being."
~Blessed Alexius Falconieri, 
one of the seven founders of the Servite Order
and uncle to St Juliana
St Juliana Falconieri, pray for us!

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