Sunday, May 28, 2017

This is the Host-life...

"It is His will to rise from the dead in our lives and to come back to
the world in His risen Host-life." - Caryll Houselander

"Every day, every hour, Christ is born on the altar
in the hands of the priest. Christ is lifted up and sacrificed;
Christ is buried in the tomb of the human heart
and Christ rises from the tomb to be the life of the world
through His Communion with men.
This is the Host-life.... Everything relates to the Host. ...

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Living the Christ-life means that we are given the power
of Christ's love.  We are not only trustees of God's love for man,
entrusted to give it out second-hand, but miraculously,
our love IS His love!
"I have bestowed my love upon you, just as my father has bestowed
his love upon me; live on, then, in my love." (John XV.9.)

Caryll Houselander
Excerpt from The Passion of the Infant Christ

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