Saturday, November 13, 2010

Completely immersed...

"When she [Mother Cabrini] went to the chapel ...her whole attitude ...revealed that she was completely immersed in the Divine Presence. 
One day, during the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a Sister brought her a telegram. Observing that Mother made no response, the Sister put the telegram on the prie-dieu. Then, perceiving that Mother still did not move, the Sister looked into her face. She saw there a seraphic expression, the eyes openly fixed upon the Sacred Heart; but Mother was not able to see nor hear anything that was going on around her."  
- Mother Saverio De Maria, MSC, Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini

St Frances Xavier Cabrini

Foundress - Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
Founder - orphanages, schools, hospitals (globally)
Patron of immigrants
Italy  ~ 1850-1917
Feast Day - November 13

"The more I love You, the less I love You,
because I would like to love You more, but I cannot. 
Oh, enlarge, enlarge my heart." ~ St Frances Cabrini 
Ste Frances Cabrini, ora pro nobis!

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