Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eternally sweet and tender


"O God of love, my Savior,
eternally sweet and tender,
heart and soul
I thirst for You! 
You fill my soul;
and yet the more
I taste of You,
the more I hunger. 
The deeper I drink of You,
the more I thirst. 
Come, Jesus!  Come, Lord!" 

St Gertrude
Benedictine nun, mystic
Patroness of the West Indies
Germany ~ 1256 – 1302
FEAST DAY – November 16

"Lord, you have granted me your secret friendship by opening the sacred ark
of your divinity, your deified heart, to me in so many ways as to be the source
of all my happiness; sometimes imparting it freely, sometimes as a special mark of our
mutual friendship. You have so often melted my soul with your loving caresses..."
Adapted from The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude

Sta Gertrude, ora pro nobis!

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