Thursday, November 11, 2010

His Light, ours

Today is St Martin of Tours’ Feast Day.  St Martin bore a great love for
Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the faith and the poor.  He was a soldier
in his youth prior to becoming a priest and bishop.

"Therefore, that shining light which has been lit for our salvation must always shine in us."  - St. Chromatius

St Martin of Tours 
Bishop, Patron of Soldiers
Italy ~ 316-397
FEAST DAY – Nov 11

Ste Martin of Tours, ora pro nobis!

The most famous episode of the military period in Martin's life is
his meeting with a poor man almost naked in the dead of winter,
and trembling with cold. Martin did not have a penny to give him,
but he remembered the text of the Gospel: “I was naked, and
you clothed Me.”

“My friend,” he said, “I have nothing but my weapons and
my garments.” And taking up his sword, he divided his cloak
into two parts and gave one to the beggar. The following night
he saw Jesus Christ in a dream, clothed with this half-cloak and
saying to His Angels: “It is Martin, still a catechumen, who
covered Me.” Soon afterwards he was baptized.

Let us join in prayers of gratitude for the generosity, sacrifice
bravery and heroism of all of our veterans - past and present!
VETERAN'S DAY - November 11


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