Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abounding life of glory

"When the Blessed Sacrament is laid upon your tongue - that
moment and that act which the great angels of God look down upon
with such surpassing awe - the Blood of Jesus is throbbing there in
all its abounding life of glory. 
It sheathes in the sacramental mystery that exceeding radiance
which is lighting all heaven at that moment with a magnificence
of splendor which exceeds the glowing of a million suns.  You do
not feel the strong pulses of His immortal life.  If you did, you could
hardly live yourself.  Sacred terror would undo your life. 
But in that adorable Host is the whole of the Precious Blood, the Blood
of Gethsemane, Jerusalem, and Calvary, the Blood of the Passion,
of the Resurrection, and of the Ascension, the Blood shed and reassumed. 
As Mary bore that Precious Blood within herself of old, so do you bear it now.  ... We believe all; nay, we so believe it that we know it rather than
believe it; and yet our love is so faint and fitful.  Our very fires are
frost in comparison with such a faith as this."
Excerpt from The Precious Blood
Fr Frederick W Faber

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