Monday, April 25, 2011

Our companion (Easter Monday)

 "Octave" has two senses in Christian liturgical usage. In the first sense,
it is the eighth day after a feast, reckoning inclusively, and so always falls on
the same day of the week as the feast itself. The word is derived from Latin
octava (eighth), with dies (day) understood. The term is also applied to the
whole period of these eight days, during which the observance of certain
major feasts came to be observed - like Easter - and thus the EASTER OCTAVE
we are in right now.  *They are celebrated as Solemnities of the Lord.
(General Norms for Liturgical Year and Calendar, 24)

Let the celebration CONTINUE!!!

"We have Him so near in the Blessed Sacrament,
where He is already glorified and where we don't
have to gaze upon Him as being so tired and worn out,
bleeding, wearied by His journeys,
persecuted by those for whom He did so much good,
and not believed in by the Apostles. …

Behold Him here without suffering,
full of glory, before ascending into heaven,
strengthening some, encouraging others,
our companion in the Most Blessed Sacrament."

St Teresa of Avila

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