Monday, April 18, 2011

Draw us upwards!

 "We are on pilgrimage with the Lord to the heights. We are striving
for pure hearts and clean hands, we are seeking truth,
we are seeking the face of God.  Let us show the Lord that we desire
to be righteous, and let us ask Him: Draw us upwards! Make us pure!
Grant that the words which we sang in the processional psalm may
also hold true for us; grant that we may be part of the generation which
seeks God, “which seeks your face, O God of Jacob” (cf. Ps 24:6). Amen."
(Ending of Pope Benedict XVI's Palm Sunday Homily 2011)
“With all my heart I desire You,
O Bread of Angels!
Do not look on my unworthiness
which separates me from You,
but look on Your love
which so often has invited me
to approach You.” 
St. Louise de Marillac

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