Friday, April 8, 2011

None other than Love and Mercy!

Continuing with the cycle of catecheses on Doctors of the Church,
in his April 6, 2011, General Audience, the Holy Father centered
his meditation on the figure of St. Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897): 
"Inseparable from the Gospel, the Eucharist
was for Thérèse the sacrament of Divine Love
that descends to the extreme to lift us to Him.
In her last Letter, the saint wrote these
simple words on the image that the Child Jesus
represents in the consecrated Host:
'I cannot fear a God who for me has
made Himself so small! (...) I love Him! In fact,
He is none other than Love and Mercy!' "(LT 266).
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  1. I'm finishing the book "Everything is Grace" about the life of St. Therese, and learned she was a huge advocate for daily Communion, something which was not available in her day!

  2. Barbara - I have had that book on my bednight stand for weeks - this is an encouragement to dive into it. The book that is currently taking my nighttime reading attention is The Echo of God - Fr Lance W Harlow (A commentary on St Loius de Monfort's True Devotion to Mary) HIGHLY SUGGESTED read!