Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remedy, strength, source

Pictured barefoot, Capt. Bill Carpenter and members of the 101st Airborne
attending an outdoor Catholic Mass, Vietnam circa 1966.
Priest - Fr. Bruno Mosotti.

“The manna which God sent down every morning
into the camp of the Israelites had all sorts of flavors
and virtues; it not only restored failing energies and
gave vigor of body, but it was a bread of sweetness. 

 The Holy Eucharist, which it prefigures, possesses likewise every virtue.  It is a remedy for our spiritual infirmities, strength for our daily weaknesses,
a source of peace, of joy and happiness.”

St Peter Julian Eymard


  1. The photo and text together: oh my, it grabs my heart.

  2. I love the Church! Her ways are beautiful!