Monday, November 26, 2012

Holy gratitude for holy priests


"The life of a priest is an Advent
bringing forth the Incarnation of souls."

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity


Let us generously remember our priests in daily prayer.
   Each day when I attend Mass, as the priest kisses the altar I pray in particular gratitude for that priest and that he will have a deeper, personal encounter with Christ at that Mass. Also - when the water is added to the wine before the Consecration, I offer particular prayer for seminarians discerning the priesthood and transitional Deacons approaching Ordination - I echo a prayer of Jesus,"Ephphatha" (Be opened). ~ Janette

When and how do you pray for our priests?
(I will include responses in an upcoming post during Advent.)


  1. I pray for all the clergy when the priest intones the prayer- 'Let us pray for our Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinals, Bishops, priests and all the religious.'

  2. When the priest lifts the chalice at Mass I pray a prayer of the Handmaids of the Precious Blood: "Our Lady of the Precious Blood, watch over the living chalices of the blood of Jesus."

  3. May God richly reward you, Ruth and Anne. Every breath of prayer has merit - God hears and answers! I send these daily Eucharistic meditations directly to several hundred email addresses also - and getting some beautiful responses of prayers offered. Stay tuned...

  4. Be edified by several beautiful responses compiled for 12/20/12 post.