Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanks - always and everywhere!

"It is truly right and just, our  duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to give You thanks, Father most holy,
through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ... "
~ Preface - Eucharistic Prayer II 
CNS photo: Gregory A. Shemitz, Long Island Catholic
 "Thanks must be given always and everywhere for this great sacrament.  Always, that is, both in the time of grace and in the eternity of glory Everywhere, because through this sacrament things in  heaven and things on earth are restored. 

Creation's three-fold frame gives thanks when this sacrament is offered:  heaven, because the fall of the angels is made good; earth, for the militant Church is redeemed; the underworld, for those detained therein are freed. 

They must be given through Christ our Lord, for as a canal touches the fountain from which it springs and the garden which it waters, so our Emmanuel by His divinity touches God from whom the gifts of grace come and by His humanity He touches us into whom they flow through Him.  Therefore we give thanks through Christ magnificently."
 St Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus)
Dominican, Doctor of the Church
Teacher and Mentor of St Thomas Aquinas
Patron of scientists and philosophers
Motto:  "To want everything that I want for the glory of God,
to wish and do everything only and always for his glory."   
Germany ~ 1200-1280
FEAST DAY - November 15
“My soul, if you wish to be intimate with Mary, let yourself be carried between her arms and nourished with her blood… Let this ineffable, chaste thought accompany you to the Banquet of God and you will find in the Blood of the Son the nourishment of the Mother.”  ~ St Albert
     It has been said that St. Albert was a scientist by temperament,
a philosopher by deliberate choice and a theologian by mood.
St Albert the Great, ora pro nobis!

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