Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eucharist: source of light and love

St Anthony Chapel, Tampa Florida - USA 
“The Eucharist bathes the tormented soul
in light and love.
Then the soul appreciates these words,
‘Come all you who are sick,
I will restore your health.'" 
St Bernadette
France ~ 1844-1879
Lourdes visionary and nun
Feast Day - April 16*
*Some places - other places Feb 18
Said of St Bernadette by a fellow Sister, Sr Dalias:
"The Holy Eucharist was the breath of her soul."
 A tiny tot of four inquired of St Bernadette,
"You have seen the Blessed Virgin, Sister. Was she beautiful?"
"So beautiful," she replied, "that once you have seen her,
you would willingly die to see her again."
St Bernadette, ora pro nobis!
April 16
Happy and Holy 86th Birthday,
dearest Pope Emeritus Benedict!

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