Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Who do you say that I am?


"Every time I start thinking seriously about Jesus, I always come to the same conclusion: I don't know him anywhere near as well as I should. ...
All of human history revolves around him. It is impossible to measure his impact on the world. And your life will never really make sense until you place Jesus at the center of it. 
...The more I get to know Jesus, the more I get to know my true self. And what I discover is this:
I am the lame that he makes to walk.
I am the simple person that he patiently teaches.
I am the captive that he wants to set free.
I am the blind to whom he wants to give sight.
I am the hungry that he wants to feed.
I am the sick and he wants to heal me.
I am the afflicted who he wants to comfort.
And, at other times, I am the comfortable that he wants to afflict.
He is the healer of my soul, and my soul needs healing. 
...Who is Jesus? ... I suggest you find yourself a quiet church, sit in front of the tabernacle, and talk to him about what is happening in your life. 
He is the friend you have been yearning for your whole life."
Matthew Kelly - The Jesus Question (article) in The Catholic Spirit
Archdiocese of Mpls-St Paul - April 10, 2013 issue.

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