Saturday, May 18, 2013

Double duty

Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of
the world. Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb.

“The duty of the priest is first to say, “Hoc est Corpus meum,” “This is my Body,” turning to God with the people; but then he must say also, “Hoc est Corpus Eius,” “This is His Body,” turning to the people with God. 

And as we have seen, it is the whole creation that must be brought to the Mass to be healed and sanctified:  beyond the immediate assistants there is the whole body of the faithful; beyond the faithful there is the whole of creation, still in travail even until now.  So, in order to express the priesthood and the Church in general, you have to think of a double duty:  to bring God to the world, to bring the world to God.”

From The Seven Secret Blessings of Christ (pg 278)
Gerald Vann, O.P.

ORDAINED to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ TODAY*
Saturday, May 18, 2013
Oh, day of all love excelling!
Happy are those who dwell in your house!
They never cease to praise you." - Psalm 84:5 

Rev Mr Marek Herbut ~ Archdiocese of Joliet (Illinois)
Rev Mr John Lovitsch ~ Archdiocese of Joliet
Rev Mr Marcin Michalak ~ Archdiocese of Joliet
Rev Mr David Mowry ~ Archdiocese of Joliet
Rev Mr Michael Pawlowicz ~ Archdiocese of Joliet
Cathedral of St Raymond ~ 10 AM Mass 

Rev Mr John Francis Kamwendo~ Archdiocese of Indianapolis (Indiana)
Rev Mr Douglas Marcotte ~ Archdiocese of Indianapolis
Rev Mr Martin Rodriguez ~ Archdiocese of Indianapolis
SS Peter and Paul Cathedral ~ 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr James Grau ~ Archdiocese of  Detroit (Michigan)
Rev Mr  Marko Djonovic~ Archdiocese of  Detroit 
Rev Mr Patrick Gonyeau  ~ Archdiocese of  Detroit 
Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament ~ 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Simon Carian ~ Diocese of Santa Fe (New Mexico)
Rev Mr Daniel Gutierrez ~ Diocese of Santa Fe
Rev Mr Bob Peccatiello ~ Diocese of Santa Fe
Cathedral Basilica of St Francis of Assisi ~ 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Thi Van Hoang ~ Diocese of Oakland (California)
Rev Mr Brandon Macadaeg ~ Diocese of Oakland
Rev Mr Leonard Marrujo ~ Diocese of Oakland
Rev Mr H. David Mendoza-Vela ~ Diocese of Oakland
Rev Mr Benedict Pradit Wonganat ~ Diocese of Oakland
Cathedral of Christ the Light ~ 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Patrick Joseph Burns ~ Diocese of Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
Rev Mr John Paul Charles Mitchell ~ Diocese of Milwaukee
Rev Mr Arulananthan Ponnaiyan ~ Diocese of Milwaukee
Rev Mr Philip James Schumaker ~ Diocese of Milwaukee
Cathedral of St John the Evangelist ~ 10:30 AM Mass

Let us hold them in prayer and offer thanksgiving for their 'YES'!

A priest is an ordinary man called by God to "an amazing vocation of service," Fr John Horn said. "Rather than put a priest on a pedestal, it's the opposite. The more a priest serves, the more people are invited to see their own call of holiness, that what God does with our ordinariness is awesome and beautiful." (Fr John Horn is the president-rector of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St Louis, MO)

*Please inform me of impending Ordinations or vows to the Religious life - that I may include in this venue for the charity of prayers of this readership.

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