Thursday, May 16, 2013

His presence wherever I go...

Excerpted from letters and diaries of Ven John Henry Cardinal Newman -
particularly reflecting on his experience in Milan and Rome as a new Catholic,
wandering the streets which were filled with many churches and oratories...

"Nothing moves there [on the high altar]
but the distant glimmering Lamp
which betokens the Presence of our Undying Life,
hidden but ever working."


"Here are a score of Churches which are open to the passer by... and the Blessed Sacrament ready for the worshipper even before he enters. There is nothing which has brought home to me so much the Unity of the Church, as the presence of its Divine Founder and Life wherever I go--All places are, as it were, one..."

"It is really most wonderful to see the Divine Presence looking out
almost into the open streets from the various Churches...
I never knew what worship was,
as an objective fact, till I entered the Catholic Church."

Ven John Henry Cardinal Newman

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