Wednesday, May 8, 2013

With a love like hers...
 Madonna and Child - Marianne Stokes (1907- 08)
    "O Jesus, O my beloved Jesus! 
O Jesus hidden here beneath these Sacramental veils! 
Grant that at every moment of my life I may return
gratitude and love to You for Your great love for me!
    O Mary, my Mother, our Lady of the Eucharist! 
Help me to offer thanks to Jesus,
and always to prepare myself perfectly
to receive Him with a love like yours."
Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida

A day in HISTORY:  Today, May 8, is the Birthday Anniversary of St John Vianney - it is also the Anniversary of my First Holy Communion - oh-so-many years ago. Earlier in that week I had contracted the measles, so was home convalescing, but I remember the day vividly! 

When the priest brought the Blessed Sacrament into our home a sweet, holy hush blanketed the living room. The relatives that had gathered to celebrate my private First Holy Communion, reverently bowed very low.  I listened, I watched and I pondered all - fittingly dressed in my lovely crisp, spotless white dress, veil and polka-dotted face broadly grinning.. ~ Janette

Oh, happy, holy day!

Do you remember/can you figure out 
your First Holy Communion date? 

Do HEARTILY celebrate it!

 Translation holy card: "The things of earth seem of little account when one possesses the highest good." HAT TIP: 

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