Friday, December 6, 2013

Errand of love...

Above all, love each other deeply... - I Peter 4:8a
Breath of Heaven,
carry us on the impulse of Christ's love,
as easily as thistledown is carried on the wind;
in the Advent season of our souls,
while He is formed in us, in secret and in silence
the Creator in the hands of His creatures,
as the Host in the hands of the priest-
we may carry Him forth
to wherever He wishes to be,
as Mary carried Him over the hills
on an errand of love, to the house of Elizabeth.

Caryll Houselander
From the Splendor of the Rosary by Maisie Ward
with prayers by Caryll Houselander

An MC Sister supports a patient at a hospice for AIDS patients and other seriously ill people
run by the Missionaries of Charity in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. ~ Photo credit: CNS photo / Paul Jeffrey (2009).

Happy St Nicholas Day!
December 6

Trusting you got a few goodies
in your shoes this morning!

includes a short and sweet YouTube by Fr James Kubicki, SJ


  1. Happy St. Nicholas day to you, too!

    I was surprised to see the words "Breath of Heaven" at the top of your post. The song by Amy Grant with that title was running through my head this morning. Do you know it? So beautiful. And I love that image of Our Blessed Mother. I bought a statue this year for the table next to the Advent candles. It is a Las Posados statue -- and I love looking at it and remembering Mary's journey.

  2. Barbara - Breath of Heaven - seems like a good morning thought/song - every morning! Not familiar with song - until now. T-you. ---- Yes, the journey of Mary - then and now... love compelled it - then and now... what a wonderful reminder in the statue! Blessed Advent, dear one! Throw wide - and still wider - the gate of your heart!