Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wellspring of Youth !

"And if for the truth's sake you should sacrifice yourself and your life,
be strong in your sacrifice." - St Giuseppe Moscati  

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“I feel a great sweetness
when I receive Holy Communion
at the Virgin Mary’s feet;
it seems like I get younger and I tell her
the facts like they really are.”

St Giuseppe Moscati
Italy ~ 1880-1927
Physician, Medical Professor, Miracle -worker
Pioneer in field of biochemistry whose research 
led to the discovery of insulin as a cure for diabetes
Must see film: St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor (2007)
Remembering... ... FEAST DAY - November 16*

Since TODAY is Sunday, it is the fundamental feast to celebrate.
In the words of a fourth century homily:
'the Lord's day' is 'the lord of days'!

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The Jesuit Giovanni Aromatisi had been Prof. Moscati’s friend for several years. Therefore, he had a good knowledge of his habits and was his spiritual counsellor. ... “He was used to visiting our Gesù Nuovo Church. He heard and served my Mass many times. The cult of the Holy Sacrament was at the centre of his life. Each time he served my Mass, when he looked at the Eucharist, he had such a light in his glance, that my eyes could hardly bear it. At the moment of Holy Communion, I had to lower my eyes. He has often prescribed a ‘Eucharist cure’ to young boys suffering from physical weakness, as a source of every strength.”

*My husband and I have a growing devotion to St Giuseppe
and ne'er tire of introducing him to others!
We heartily encourage you to get to know him and ask for his intercession! 
Consider giving your Doctor a DVD of St Giuseppe's life for Christmas. - Janette

St Giuseppe, pray for us! 

 A HOMILY for today: 

Msgr Charles Pope

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