Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Friends of the King!

 “The Eucharist is the visible manifestation
of the generosity of God.” - Fr Raniero Cantalamessa

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“Beneath the accidents of bread, Jesus is accessibleif the King disguises Himself, we can converse with Him without ceremonies and court etiquette:  indeed He seems to have waived His claim to them by appearing incognito.

Take pleasure in remaining in His society:  do not lose such precious time, for this hour is of the utmost value to the soul, and the good Jesus desires you to spend it with Him.

When you have received our Lord, since He really dwells within you, try to close the eyes of your body and to open those of your soul; look into your heart.  … He will reveal Himself to you, in proportion to the desire you have of seeing Him.  …

He will not show Himself openly or reveal His glories or bestow His treasures, save on souls who prove that they ardently desire Him, for these are His real friends.”

Excerpt from The Way of Perfection 34:9-11
St Teresa of Avila (1582 +)

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