Friday, June 26, 2015

He is totally available...

 "I am asked for very little compared to
how much I am being given." - St Josemaría Escrivá

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"... Jesus hides in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar because He wants us to dare to approach Him. He wants to nourish us so we become one single thing with Him.

When He said, Apart from me you can do nothing, He was not condemning Christians to ineffectiveness or obliging them to seek Him by a difficult and arduous route. On the contrary... He has stayed here with us, He is totally available to us."

St Josemaría Escrivá
Spain ~ 1902-1975
Priest, Founder of Opus Dei
 FEAST DAY - June 26

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St Josemaría Escrivá, pray for us!

ORDAINED to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ TODAY
Friday, June 26, 2015
Oh, day of Love Divine, all loves excelling!
An Old German saying:
It is worth wearing out a pair of shoes to walk
to receive a priest's First Blessing!
Rev Mr Joseph Delke ~ Diocese of Salt Lake City (Utah)
Rev Mr David Trujillo ~ Diocese of Salt Lake City
Cathedral of the Madeleine ~ 7 PM Mass
Rev Mr Christopher Lebsock ~ Diocese of Helena (Montana)
Rev Mr Craig Hanley ~ Diocese of Helena
Cathedral of St Helena 
Rev Mr Eric Dinga~ Diocese of Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
Rev Mr Grant Lacey ~ Diocese of Sioux Falls
St Joseph Cathedral - 11:00 AM Mass
Rev Mr Scott Emerson ~ Madison (Wisconsin)
Rev Mr Chahm Gahng ~ Madison
Rev Mr Christopher Gernetzke  ~ Madison
Rev Mr Tafadzwa Kushamba ~ Madison
Rev Mr Gabriel Lopez-Betanzos ~ Madison
Rev Mr Christopher Padilla ~ Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
St Maria Goretti Church ~ 7:30 PM Mass
Let us hold them in prayer and offer thanksgiving for their 'YES'!
St Josemaria Escriva describes this experience
about himself as a young seminarian...
"Why am I becoming a priest? Our Lord wants something: what is it?  
And in Latin — not very elegant Latin —
… I kept repeating Domine, ut videam! Ut sit! Ut sit!  -
The thing that you want, and that I don’t know — make it happen!”

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