Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prayer Before Reception of Holy Communion

"May every heart love Thee, every spirit adore Thee
and every will be subject to Thee!" - St Margaret Mary Alacoque
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Prayer Before Reception of Holy Communion

O God, charity without limit
and mercy without measure,
it is your love that causes you to come to me and it is my hope
that brings me to receive you. I give you my body as a temple,
my heart as an altar and my soul as a pyx.

O Lord, Innocent Lamb,
Redeemer of mercy, noble Child, Jesus, 
cover me with your mantle; give me lodging in your Heart, 
envelop me in your kingdom; cure me with your fragrance and charity;
enliven me by your death; hide me in your wounds; 
cleanse me with your blood; bind me with your love and
make me utterly pleasing, according to your Holy Heart, Lord.

Prayer from a pamphlet regarding the Mass
Ireland, circa 1960s
Hat tip:  Kim Thoraldson

Image: Aloysius O' Kelly - Mass at a Connemara cabin

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