Sunday, July 24, 2016

Graces are flying forth...

"The very words we use, a 'visit to the Blessed Sacrament,'
reminds us that we go to a living person, and that He is
no other than our blessed Savior." - Fr Francis A. Spencer, O.P

sacred-heart-of-jesus-smith-catholic-art.jpg (346×440)
"The life of our dear Lord in the sacred Host is most active.
He remains still in the tabernacle, it is true, but graces are
flying forth from His Heart in inconceivable abundance.
From the tabernacle, Our Lord works miracles both
on souls and bodies, as He did of old in Galilee and Judea."   ...
 319px-All_Saints_Catholic_Church_(Walton,_Kentucky)_-_Adoration_Chapel,_Eucharist_&_tabernacle.jpg (319×480)
"Before the tabernacle great saints have
communed with God upon the heights which we may never reach;
there, too, sinners have come,
and touched by the grace that goes out from Him,
found the contrite and humbled heart which He will never despise.
Think of the millions of the faithful
who day by day come into the house of God to pray.
Think of the religious to whom this very presence is as the air they breathe,
the very life and sustenance of their souls.
 oracic3b3n-de-los-pretendientes-detalle.jpg (360×348)
No one shall every know all
that this adorable Sacrament is for human souls,
raising all our hearts
to that one Heart
which is the center and source of grace and love."

Fr. Francis Aloysius Spencer, O.P.

Bottom painting: Giotto

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