Friday, July 8, 2016

Who needs the Mass? ...

Once when St Teresa of Avila was overwhelmed
with God's Goodness she  asked Our Lord,
"How can I thank You?" He replied, "Attend one Mass."

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“Ultimately, those love the Mass
who recognize their need of the Mass...

Who needs the Mass?

Those need the Mass who know how to love.  
These are the people who have a big heart, because they have
rid themselves of the shackles of self-interest, have lost
the fear of suffering for others, and have taken upon themselves
the pain of others, sharing their burdens.

Those need the Mass who are painfully aware
that they do not know how to love. 
This category includes those who are distressed by their coldness, 
their self-centeredness, their repugnance toward 
having to deal with other people’s problems.
Those who desperately want a heart of flesh and recognize 
all too well that they are never going to get one on their own.”

Fr Edward Maristany
Loving the Mass

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