Wednesday, August 28, 2019

God gives His ALL...

 "To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; 
to seek Him, the greatest adventure;
to find Him, the greatest human achievement." - St Augustine 

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"God in His omnipotence could not give more, 
in His wisdom knew not how to give more,
in His riches had not more to give, 
than the Eucharist."

St Augustine
North Africa ~ 354-430
Bishop, Doctor of the Church
Powerful intellect, stirring orator, prolific writer
Feast Day - August 28
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“If you believe what you like in the gospel, 
and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel
you believe, but yourself. - St. Augustine of Hippo 

Click here: St. Augustine - YouTube  (2 mins)
33 Powerful Saint Augustine Quotes on Love, Beauty, God, Sin, Time, Wisdom, Hope, Patience, and More | The Unbounded Spirit

"In 397, or twelve years after his conversion, Augustine wrote his Confessions, the greatest spiritual autobiography ever written. It is the work of a teacher who  explains, a philosopher who thinks, and a theologian who instructs. It is the  work of a poet who achieves chaste beauty in the writing, and a mystic who pours out thanks for having found himself in peace. " - Ven Fulton J. Sheen in his  biographical work,  St Augustine of Hippo

Confessions by Saint Augustine of Hippo (FULL Audio Book)

Excerpt (Confessions 10.27): "Too late have I loved You, O Beauty
so ancient and so newtoo late have I loved You. You have called to me,
and have cried out, and have shattered my deafness
You have blazed forth with light and have put my blindness to flight!
You have sent forth fragrance, and I have drawn in my breath,
and I pant after You. I have tasted You, and I hunger and thirst after You.
You have touched me, and I have burned for Your peace." 

St Augustine, pray for us!

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