Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The way of Divine Love...

 "The Eucharist is the secret of my day.  
It gives strength and meaning 
to all my activities of service 
to the Church and to the world."  
Pope Saint John Paul II 

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The Blessed Sacrament is the invention of love. 
It is life and fortitude for souls, 
a remedy for every faultand a 
viaticum for the last passage from time and eternity. 

In it sinners recover life for their souls;
tepid souls, true warmth;
 fervent souls, tranquility and satisfaction of every longing
saintly souls, wings to fly towards perfection
pure souls, sweet honey and rarest sustenance."

The Way of Divine Love
Words of Our Lord to Sr Josefa Menendez

Day 1
Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Solemnity:  June 24

Jesus, meek and humble of heart
make my heart like unto Thine.

Heart of Jesus, burning with love for me,
inflame my heart with love of Thee.

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