Saturday, February 18, 2023

Jesus, foil my plans...

   "Grace is the beginning of glory in us." 
- St Thomas Aquinas

painting-by-the-GermanAustrian-artist-Matthäus-Schiestl-1869-1939-of-a-young-girl-visiting-a-chapel-in-the-woods..jpg (500×699)

"The purpose of the Eucharist 
is your conversion,  
your turning away from your own will so that it may 
gradually disappear in your service to others.

You go to Holy Communion to be converted,
to establish the reign of Christ in your heart from then on,
and for His will to become your supreme value.  Every reception
of the Eucharist should confirm your adherence to His will. 

Consequently, you should wish that Jesus would
foil your plans.  The Eucharist should prepare you for this;
it should contribute to the gradual demise of your egoism,
allowing Christ to grow within you.

Father Tadeusz Dajczer (+2009)
Polish priest and professor of theology in Warsaw
Co-Founder of the Families of Nazareth Movement

 Painting: Girl going to Church, Matthau Schiestl (+1939)

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