Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Our Lord comes to our aid...

"Thoughtful men and women 
with hearts craving the truth,
have come to seek in the Catholic Church
the road which leads to eternal life.

Painting: Mary Engelbreit

There is in the Sacred Heart 
the symbol and express image
of the infinite love of Jesus Christ 
which moves us to love in return.

Our Lord came to the aid of each great tribulation 
with a special devotion.

The present and future tribulations 
of the Church and of nations are greater 
than at any other period, and this persecution
 is more dangerous than those of previous times. 

Hence, the devotion which God sends 
to the succor of His Church 
and of the nations at the present time 
is the devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist. 
It is the highest of all devotions."

St Leo the Great

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