Sunday, January 9, 2011

FEAST of the BAPTISM of our LORD

FEAST of the BAPTISM of our LORD
National Vocation Awareness Week*
 January 9-15, 2011
El Greco

Saint John the Baptist seems to be gazing into the heavens. He sees the heavens opening and the Holy Spirit descending. The light from the Holy Spirit appears to be falling directly into the shell he is using to pour the water of baptism over Jesus' head. Instead of dipping the shell into the river, El Greco shows the Baptist lifting up the shell to receive in its hollow, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Anointing from above.  So too the chalice at Mass is raised to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

From Tertullian's Treatise on Baptism...
a lyrical tribute to the role of water
in the whole economy of salvation.
"What favour water has with God and with His Christ!
Thus is the meaning of baptism confirmed.
Numquam sine aqua Christus!
Never does Christ appear without water!

Christ Himself is immersed in water.
Invited to the wedding feast, it is water that inaugurates
the first-fruits of His power.

When He preaches, it is to invite the thirsty to His everlasting water.
When He teaches of sacrificial love (agapé),
He recognizes the cup of water
offered to one's neighbor as a work of love.

He rests beside a well of water.
He walks upon the waters, freely crossing over its waves.
He serves His disciples with water, by washing their feet.

These signs of baptism extend even to His Passion.
When He is condemned to the death of the cross, water appears:
it is for the hands of Pilate.
When He is pierced by the soldier's lance, water gushes from His side."


PLEASE pray daily through this week for vocations!

*Through Baptism you invite us to fullness of life in knowing, loving and serving You.  Awaken the hearts of many among us to rise up in courage and generosity to respond to Your call in JOY - as holy priests, sisters, brothers and deacons.  AMEN!



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