Thursday, January 6, 2011

Proper nutrition

Brother André had a particular love for the Eucharist
and encouraged people to go to Communion frequently:

“If you ate only one meal a week
would you survive?
It is the same for your soul.”
St. André Bessette
Holy Cross Brother, porter
Miracle worker of Montreal
Great devotion to St Joseph
Feast Day - January 6

"I am only a man, just like you," time after time Br André Bessette
reminded petitioners who came to him.  Known as a miracle worker
of healing during his lifetime, this humble lay brother insisted on
giving all the credit to God, the faith of those healed, and the
intercession of St Joseph.  Quietly, he said, 'I will pray for you.' 
Time after time, healing came.  ...."He spent his whole life speaking
of others to God, and of God to others," said a friend of Br Andre.
"It is difficult to say at what point in his life work began and ended,
and at what point prayer started and ended: the two seemed to flow
so naturally one into the other."

Ste. André Bessette, ora pro nobis!
When Alfred (later to be Brother Andre) Bessette
came to the Holy Cross Brothers in 1870, he carried with him
a note from his pastor saying, "I am sending you a saint."

  He died in 1937, at the age of 91.  A million people filed before his coffin.
“It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints
the most exquisitely beautiful pictures,” said St. André Bessette.


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