Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Harmony of Heaven

"Yet we can only realize it by His conviction.  That He is there - oh, heavenly theme! - is as entirely true as that bread naturally taken removes my hunger, so this Bread of angels removes my pain, my cares; warms, cheers, soothes, contents, and renews my whole being. 

Merciful God, and I do possess You!  Kindest, tenderest, dearest friend, every affection of my nature absorbed in You, still is active, nay, perfected in its operations through Your refining love. 

Hush, my soul, we cannot speak it.  Tongues of angels could not express our treasure of peace and contentment in Him.   Let us always whisper His name of love as an antidote to all the discord that surrounds us.  We cannot say the rest.  The harmony of heaven begins for us, while, silent from all the world, we again and again repeat, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!'  And how many say the adored name, looking beyond Him:  while looking for Him, they deny Him on His altar." 

Fr Charles I. White
Mother Seton: 
Mother of Many Daughters

St Elizabeth Ann Seton
First American-born canonized saint
Mother of five, musician, linguist, convert to Catholicism
Founded religious order - the Sisters of Charity
Started parochial school system in USA
FEAST DAY - January 4

Three basic points led her to become a Catholic:
belief in the Real Presence, devotion to the Blessed Mother
and conviction that the Catholic Church
led back to the apostles and to Christ.

"I will go peaceably and firmly to the Catholic Church:
for if Faith is so important to our salvation,
I will seek it where true Faith first began,
seek it among those who received it from God Himself."

~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Sta Elizabeth Ann Seton, ora pro nobis!

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