Thursday, October 13, 2011

How blissfully reminiscent

First Mass:  Newly-constructed church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Walton, KY (7/16/11)
“Oh, who can conceive the joy that will be ours
when Christ “shall rise to judge” (Job 31:14),
if we have led our lives close to the Eucharist? 

How blissfully reminiscent will we be of the Holy Communions received,
the Masses attended, and the moments spent before the tabernacle,
when Christ will tear asunder the Eucharistic veil and show Himself
to us in all the majestic grace and perfect beauty of His divinity!”

Fr John A Kane
Excerpt from: Transforming your
Life through the Eucharist
(Originally published in 1941
under title The School of Love)

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