Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy are those...

“This is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.
Happy are those who are called to His supper."

“…I have seen priests pass up breakfast and work hard labor on an empty stomach until noon in order to keep the Eucharistic fast, because the noon break at the work site was the time we could best get together for a hidden Mass… sometimes, when the guards were observing us too closely and we couldn't risk saying Mass at the work site, the crusts of bread I had put in my pocket at breakfast remained there uneaten until I could get back to camp and say Mass at night. … I have seen priests and prisoners deprive their bodies of needed sleep in order to get up before the rising bell for a secret Mass in a quiet barracks. … In some ways, we led a catacomb existence with our Masses.  We would be severely punished if we were discovered saying Mass, and there were always informers.  But the Mass to us was always worth the danger and the sacrifice; we treasured it, we looked forward to it, we would do almost anything in order to say or to attend a Mass.

Father Walter J Ciszek, S.J.
He Leadeth Me, Pgs 143-146


  1. Finding this beautiful blog has been for me, like opening a Treasure chest. These words by Father Ciszek have made me think of how much we can take the Mass and the unfathomable Treasure of the Eucharist for granted. Thank you for sharing this wealth of Truth.

  2. Nancy - Lovely words regarding a treasure chest, for how true they ring as we continue to know, love and serve our Eucharistic Lord. And might I borrow your phrase once again and say that visiting YOUR blogs this morning gave me realization of three more TREASURE CHESTS! May God reward your holy and joyous endeavors!