Monday, May 7, 2012

Knowing Him...

I know a secret key which never fails
To open the gates of divine mercy.
I know a river which will carry us
Into the promised land.
I know a palm-tree which will shelter us
From the burning heat of our earthly exile;
I know a spring whose refreshing waters slake
Our thirst in the desert of this life:
I know a star which will guide us
As the pillar of cloud guided Israel,
Across the sandy ocean of our existence
To the end of our journey.

I know a dew which God sheds from heaven
And which must sustain us for the remainder
Of the road we have to travel;
I know a tree whose wood can sweeten
The bitter waters which are our
Portion to drink here below,
And make them give us a foretaste
Of the heavenly Canaan.
I know a victim whose sacrifice ascends
In an odor of sweetness to the God of Abraham.

And this secret key,
This river,
This palm-tree,
This star,
This heavenly dew,
This holocaust,
Is the Eucharist.

~ Fr Augustin Marie (Carmelite Friar)
Excerpt from Story of Hermann Cohen, OCD
Convert from Judaism (1821-1871)

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