Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Send your angel to Mass

  When the Eucharist is being celebrated, the sanctuary
is filled with countless angels who adore
the divine victim immolated on the altar. - St. John Chrysostom 
Photo Credit: Loci Lenar

Send Your Angel to Holy Mass
O, holy angel at my side, go to the church for me.
Kneel in my place at holy Mass, where I desire to be.
At Offertory in my stead, take all I am and own,
and place it as a sacrifice upon the altar throne.
At holy consecration’s bell, adore with seraph’s love,
my Jesus, hidden in the Host, come down from heaven above.
And when the priest Communion takes, O, bring my Lord to me,
that his sweet heart may rest on mine, and I his temple be.
Then pray for those I dearly love, and those who cause me grief,
Jesus’ love may cleanse all hearts and suffering souls relieve.
Pray that this sacrifice divine,may mankind’s sin’s efface,
then bring me Jesus’ blessing home,the pledge of every grace. Amen.

— Author unknown (Prayer sweetly imprinted on back of holy card)


  1. That is a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. One might say 'providential' in its sending today... (I have had it in my files for weeks? months?)

    This morning as I was happily going to Mass (usual route), the traffic was like molasses ...I came into the Mass after the Gospel (first time, never before!) and Father was just beginning the Prayers of the Faithful....Thus - I did not receive the Blessed Sacrament this morning - but a blessing from the good Padre instead-
    Oh, oh, oh did I solicit my angel!!!!! And then.... the closing hymn (pre-chosen by the Sisters) for Mass at this small Missionaries of Charity Chapel where I attend Mass was a song of "joy for my Guardian Angel' - I tell the truth! Grace building on nature at its best!

  3. What is it said about no coincidences? We travel quite a distance for daily Mass (and don't go often enough because of it) and our route is via freeway with all of the downtown commuters. I can't tell you how often we have had to turn around because we sat in traffic through the entire Mass time. I wish, I wish for a noon time Mass. I guess I need to pray instead of wish. ;-)