Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bread broken... for the world!

 "I am here to serve, to serve in what I must do, 
to serve in front of the Tabernacle, praying for my people, 
praying for my work, for the people God has entrusted to me."
- Pope Francis, July 8, 2015 homily, Ecuador
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"The Eucharist is
'bread broken for the life of the world.'
That is the theme of the Fifth Eucharistic Congress
to be held in Tarija, which today we inaugurate.
The Eucharist is a sacrament of communion,
which draws us out of our individualism
in order to live together as disciples.

It gives us the certainty that all that we have,
all that we are, if it is taken, blessed and given,
can, by God’s power, by the power of His love,
become bread of life for all."

Pope Francis
July 9, 2015 homily, Bolivia

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