Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lost... in divine love...

"Live in the joy and the peace of the divine Majesty.
Live lost in divine love." - St Paul of the Cross

prayer_children_suffering_rin_hi.jpg (450×447)

"It is at the feet of your holy tabernacles that my heart, 
hardened by the harshest trials, has constantly found
the strength necessary to endure their rigor;
it is there that my struggles turned into victories,
my weakness into courage,
my lukewarmness into fervor,
my uncertainties into lights,
 my sadness into joy,
my obstacles into success,
my desires into willpower,
my dislikes, my jealousies,
my resentments of my neighbor into ardent charity.

All that I know, I have learned at your feet, Lord.
Receive, then, the homage of all that I am,
all that I have,
all the good that I could
ever think, say, and do."

Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot

Painting: The Prayer of the Children Suffering from Ringworm ~ Isidore Pils (1853)

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