Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Awesome the altar...

"Awesome is the altar on which the divine victim is immolated! 
From paradise there went forth a spring whose visible waters
spread out on every side.  From this Table, it is a spring
of spiritual waters that gushes forth." - St John Chrysostom

richard-l-anson-crosses-on-altar-in-st-peter-s-basilica.jpg (473×355) everything will live where the river flows. - Ezekiel 47:9

flows from the altar -

 Bishop Paul V Dudley
Ordained to Holy Priesthood: June 1951
Ordained as Bishop: January 1977
11-29-1926 ~ 11-20-2006
Remembering the good Bishop on the anniversary of his birth

"The Body of Christ (Eucharist) will unite the
Body of Christ (Believers)"~ Bishop Paul V Dudley

Requiescit in pace

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