Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whether we believe it or not...


 Lt. Benton Garrett on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln raises the Chalice while Sailors pray during the holy Catholic Mass. Photo credit: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Brian Morales

Nothing in this world can give God greater honor,
and glory, and praise than the offering of the Mass. 

That is why, no matter where it is offered, no matter how small
the church, no matter how poor the parish, no matter how
humble the surroundings, no matter how ordinary the priest,
whether we know it or not; whether we understand it or not;
whether we believe it or not; whether we take it for granted or not;
the Mass is the greatest, the most powerful,
the most awesome, the most sacred thing
that takes place on the face of this earth.”

Fr Wm P Casey, CPM

Invite someone to pray the Mass with you this week.

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