Friday, July 15, 2011

Pierced with His love


 "Lord Jesus Christ, pierce my soul with Your love
so that I may always long for You alone, who are
the Bread of angels and the fulfillment of the
soul’s deepest desires.  May my heart always
hunger for You, so that my soul may be filled
with the sweetness of Your presence."

St Bonaventure
Italy ~ 1221 - 1274
Bishop, Cardinal and Doctor of the Church
FEAST DAY - July 15

"Holy Mass is an achievement of God, wherein He places before
our view all the love He has borne us.  It is, in a certain way,
a combination of all the benefits bestowed upon us." ~ St Bonaventure

Ste Bonaventure, ora pro nobis! 

who will be Ordained to the Holy Priesthood
TODAY – Friday, 7/15/11 - 5 PM Mass - Duluth, Minnesota

"Only in heaven shall we know what a priest is.
If we were to know this on earth, we would die,
 not of grief, but of love." ~ St. John Vianney

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