Monday, January 16, 2012

Because of their reverence...

St Francis de Sales had a special devotion toward the holy angels charged with the guardianship of the tabernacles. His veneration for these angelic guardians was increased by an instance which showed that these pure spirits revere not only the Sacred Species, but also the ministers who consecrate and handle them.

After having conferred Holy Orders on a pious young man, St Francis noticed that the newly ordained priest hesitated before a door as if to let someone pass before him. "Why do you pause?" asked the saint.  "God favors me with the sight of my Guardian Angel," replied the priest. "Before I was ordained to the holy priesthood, my angel always remained at my right and preceded me.  Now he walks at the left and refuses to go before me."  Such is the great veneration which the angelic spirits show even to God's ministers because of their reverence for the Blessed Sacrament.”

Excerpt from
The Guardian Angels: 
Our Heavenly Companions (Tan Books)

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