Monday, January 2, 2012

Mutual adoration


"Eternal Son of the living God, whom I acknowledge here as truly present, I adore You with all the powers of my soul!  Prostrate with the angels in the most profound reverence, I love You, O my Savior; whom I now behold on Your throne of love.  O dread Majesty, O infinite Mercy, save me!  Forgive me!  Grant that I may never more be separated from You!"

St Basil the Great
Doctor of the Church
Father of Eastern Monasticism
His single greatest contribution was his insistence
on the divinity and consubstantiality
of the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son
329-379 AD
FEAST DAY - January 2

"Why was St. Basil given the name "Great"? Only a few people in the world were ever given the magnificent title, "Great"! Alexander the Great was so-called because he conquered the world, but St. Basil was called "Great" because he conquered the hearts and souls of men for Jesus Christ. His whole life was dedicated to Jesus and the message of Christianity. He had the humility of Moses, the zeal of Elijah, the piety of Peter, the eloquence of John the Theologian, and the dedication of Paul." ~ Fr. George Poulos

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“Let us remain in adoration: and to Him, who, in order to save us, humbled Himself to such a degree of poverty as to receive our body, let us offer not only incense, gold and myrrh, the first as God, the second as king, and the third as one who sought death for our sake, but also spiritual gifts more sublime than those which can be seen with the eyes” (Oratorio).

St Gregory Nazienzen
Doctor of the Church
Father of Eastern Monasticism
Esteemed writer and orator
aka "the Theologian"
328 -389 AD
FEAST DAY - January 2


 “God accepts our desires as though they were a great value. He longs ardently for us to desire and love him. He accepts our petitions for benefits as though we were doing him a favor. His joy in giving is greater than ours in receiving. So let us not be apathetic in our asking, nor set too narrow bounds to our requests; nor ask for frivolous things unworthy of God’s greatness.” ~ St Gregory of Nazienzen
      Another sweet tidbit of interest: St. Gregory marveled at the depth of his mother, Nonna’s, faith in God on the altar. While in His presence, she would never turn her back.

Sts Basil and Gregory, ora pro nobis!

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