Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The certainty of God's tangible love

“God is indeed ever-present. But again, the physical presence of the risen Christ is something different, something new. The risen Lord enters into our midst. And then we can do no other than say, with Saint Thomas: my Lord and my God!

Adoration is primarily an act of faith – the act of faith as such. God is not just some possible or impossible hypothesis concerning the origin of all things. He is present. And if He is present, then I bow down before Him. Then my intellect and will and heart open up towards Him and from Him.

In the risen Christ, the incarnate God is present, who suffered for us because He loves us. We enter this certainty of God’s tangible love for us with love in our own hearts. This is adoration, and this then determines my life. Only thus can I celebrate the Eucharist correctly and receive the Body of the Lord rightly.”

Pope Benedict XVI
Christmas Address to Curia
Dec. 22, 2011

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