Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nurturing a reality

 Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being,
praise his holy name. - Psalm 103:1
"Without constant union with our Lord there cannot be any real holiness, one reason being that without recollection the inspirations of the Holy Spirit are missed and with them a host of opportunities of little sacrifices and a shower of graces.
As a means of gaining greater recollection, each morning at Holy Communion invite Jesus to dwell in your heart during the day as in a Tabernacle. Try all day to imagine even His bodily presence within you and often turn your thoughts inwards and adore Him as He nestles next your heart in a very real manner, quite different from His presence in all creation.
This habit is not easily acquired, especially in a busy life like yours, but much may be done by constant effort. At times you will have to leave Him alone entirely, but as soon as you can, get back to His presence again."
Fr William Doyle, SJ


  1. I have a growing appreciation and awe with Fr Doyle's writings. Maybe you have seen this, Barbara: Click here: Remembering Fr William Doyle SJ

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